FT Due Diligence Forum

A US-based community for a more reflective and thoughtful space to better understand the world of mergers and acquisitions.

Launching in November 2019.


Membership benefits



Attend quarterly events with expert speakers, moderated by a senior FT journalist, providing unique insights into trends and issues surrounding mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance.


The opportunity for high-level networking and knowledge share with experts and leaders from a range of industries and sectors.


Access to tailored reports and resources summarising the events and encapsulating key take-outs, enabling members to be thought leaders in their businesses.


premium members

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“The Forum is a great opportunity to delve behind the headlines and watch dynamics between high-profile speakers.”
Member of the Due Diligence Forum UK

“I really value the opportunity to network and compare and contrast views with representatives across multiple sectors, industries and professions in an informal setting.”
Member of the Due Diligence Forum UK


About the Due Diligence Forum


Due Diligence is the FT’s essential daily briefing on corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and private equity, written by a team of our top-deal reporters around the world. 

The FT Due Diligence Forum was first launched in London in early 2019, offering a unique series of events about the most interesting themes and topics in dealmaking. The Forum brings together Due Diligence readers and offers a reflective and thoughtful space to understand the world of mergers and acquisitions. 

The Forum is launching in New York City in late 2019 with quarterly events, created and curated by FT editors, and featuring world class speakers who will provide unique insights and fresh perspectives on long term issues facing the world of dealmaking. 

Experts from the accounting, banking, consultancy, hedge fund, legal, PR and private equity sectors will meet and network with leading M&A specialists, corporate strategists and general counsels from leading businesses.