FT Women in Business Forum Hong Kong

A career development programme designed to help mid-career female executives in Hong Kong accelerate into senior leadership.

Launching in January 2020.


Membership benefits



Regular events with expert speakers, moderated by FT editors, providing unique insights to equip female executives with a wider strategic outlook, as well as tailored leadership tips and career advice to help members advance into senior management positions.


An opportunity to build an influential network of contacts from across the business spectrum through structured networking sessions which encourage practical cross-sector knowledge share.


Members are encouraged to use our tailored reports and resources which summarise the events and encapsulate key take-outs to present the findings in their organisations, enabling them to be thought leaders on these topics.


“The forum helps one see the human side of success and identify ways to do better at work.”
Member of the Women in Business Forum UK

“I leave events feeling inspired. The topics discussed are current and interesting, and I always look forward to attending.”
Member of the Women in Business Forum UK


About the Women in Business Forum 


The Women in Business Forum UK was launched in 2016 in London to help with specific challenges of retaining talent, developing future leaders and building more diverse senior teams.

Launching in 2019, the FT Women in Business Forum Hong Kong will provide women at mid-career level with relevant insights from industry leaders and knowledge exchange from peers, providing a framework to accelerate their path to senior leadership.

FT editors have designed a unique programme of monthly events alongside supporting guides and reports that can be shared throughout members’ organisations. These provide female executives with strategic insight, leadership techniques and valuable peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.