Our Story

FT Forums are a series of members-only communities, created, curated and powered by FT editorial. They were originally established in 2013 as The 125 by FT innovation editor John Thornhill. 


The convening power of the FT means leading experts are keen to share their knowledge and join our live discussions. FT journalists use their unparalleled expertise to explain the most significant business developments, challenge expert thinking and encourage debate. 

Over the years, FT Forums has formed a number of different business communities offering unique insights and an opportunity for structured networking to a number of different groups:

Chairmen’s Forum

The Chairmen’s Forum is an exclusive community for FTSE 350 chairmen. They are invited to attend FT breakfasts and dinners where they can learn new trends and latest thinking from world-class speakers as well as leading FT commentators and have a confidential and high level space to network.

The Due Diligence Forum

The Due Diligence Forum brings together senior executives involved in mergers and acquisitions, corporate strategy and alternative investment, providing unique insights and fresh perspectives on long term issues facing the world of dealmaking.

The Future Forum

The Future Forum connects business leaders; providing a community for innovative thinking, and a platform for knowledge exchange. Aiming to challenge members’ strategic mindsets, this forum stimulates fresh thinking about the biggest financial, business, economic and political issues that will affect businesses in the future.

The HR Forum

The HR Forum is a specialist community for HR leaders. Members can learn new insights and share knowledge on the latest issues facing HR teams in big businesses, such as talent management, culture and diversity and inclusion.

The Women in Business Forum

The Women in Business Forum is designed to accelerate mid-career level women into positions of senior leadership. This community provides female executives with strategic insight, leadership techniques and valuable peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and network.